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a plastic helmet, a tactical ballistic vest, leggings, a throat protector, a brain protector, and a gas mask. >> investigators are also trying to search his apartment, which they say is booby trapped. >> there are incendiary elements linked together with all kinds of wires. as a layman, it is nothing i have ever seen before. >> the fbi says the incident did not appear to be terror related. >> we are continuing to look and we're being as cautious as possible with the investigation. >> the suspect's family says they are cooperating with authorities. they issued a statement saying their hearts go out to those involved in the tragedy in their family and friends. wbal-tv 11 news. >> of course, what happened in iraq is a reminder of a 2006
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incident -- aurora is a reminder of a 2006 incident. >> this theater closed a few years after the murder. again this brings up the issue of safety. >> things can happen very quickly. >> a terrible lesson we're learning again after a gunman opened fire in a movie theater. as police investigate why 24- year-old james holmes targeted moviegoers. >> it is sad. i do not understand why the gentleman went there and shot all those people. it is senseless. it is a senseless killing to me. >> it is a sad reminder to the -- of the tragic situation at home. in 2006, a gunman -- gunfire
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erupted, killing 62-year-old. will list -- police arrested the gunman. he was committed to a psychiatric institution. >> my mind is always thinking what if. and the what ifs, quite honestly, is a low, keep your loved ones down. as soon as you hear the sound of gunfire or anything like that, you really have to of a game plan established. hunkering down, staying on the ground, not making any sounds or whatever may be the case, and trying to, again, decide what is your next move going to be. if you have to think about it, it's too late. >> these events should also cause business owners to take a hard look at their security measures. >> the first order of business is safety.
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the need to look at security measures, whether they have active people on site, a crisis plan, an emergency action plan. >> despite what happened in colorado and state -- safety concerns here, they still plan to see that man movie. >> that could happen everywhere. i just hope that it don't happen. >> police in our region are increasing patrols. we did talk to the widow of paul schrumm. she says eric -- her heart goes out to the victims and their families because it will never be the same. >> that is so true.
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thank you. coming up, nbc nightly news will have extensive coverage. brian williams will anger that broadcast live from -- anchor that broadcast from aurora. updates are all on and our smartphone app. >> now, it has been a soggy start to the weekend. let's check in. >> we have rain often on during the day. we will be watching another batch of thundershowers, in. we will see if they hold together. if they do, we may get another dousing of rain, maybe a quarter inch or so.
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we would just watch and see how the showers react as they come through the mountains. now lowell is going to give us our recap of last night's severe weather. what's going on? >> we have dried out quite a bit, which by the way, this is one of the low-lying areas around the city known for flooding. we certainly saw that last night. because of the flash floods popping up, city and state transportation officials have reminders for the next time. >> it was a double whammy of storms to hit the greater baltimore area. first at around 7:00 thursday night and again at around 9:30. as far as flash flooding was concerned, they threw down 2
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inches to 4 inches of rain around baltimore city and baltimore county. >> we had some low-lying areas, southbound some lanes that tend to flood out. >> transportation officials did not see anything unusual as far as flooding, but there were reports of flooding at the johns hopkins ambulance entrance and reports of downed trees. >> we were able to respond to downed trees and high water. >> highway officials were busy dealing with close to a dozen flooded state wars and a couple of closures as well. luckily, they say, no lives were put in jeopardy and remind motorists to use caution. >> whenever you are in standing water, it looks like you can get through. you can easily be taken away.
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additionally, if you cannot see, the visibility is bad, pullover. >> city transportation officials are sending out reminders to pedestrians if they think they can walk through flooded streets. >> you could actually stepped into an open manhole and fall in. that is a very dangerous situation. we can advise pedestrians to walk across the flooded st.. -- we do not advise pedestrians to walk across the flooded street. >> there were more than 7000 power outages. we're told that power has been restored. wbal-tv 11 news. >> following breaking news right now. and mta bus involved in an accident. >> stan, this is southblound,
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mta bus in a crash with a pickup truck. we know there are injuries. 2 lanes shut down. >> thank you, roy. job creation is one of the arguments for a new casino, but opponents have certain claims about ties to organized crime. >> and gm -- the commercial alleges that mgm has ties to chinese organized crime. >> what do we really know about
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a proposed casino at the national harbour? >> i knew -- a new campaign makes a bombshell delegation. the claim comes from an associated press article. casino regulators found evidence that stanley ho had extensive ties to organized crime in china. his daughter, who regulators contend remains under her father's control and influence, was a part of mgm. regulators directed the company to disengage from any association with her.
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mgm did not contest the findings, admit liability, but it did turn over a percentage. the claim in tv ad is based on perception. they have not been charged with any crime. >> in fairness, it was a mere assertion. >> he says he is more concerned with the lack of transparency and the process. in a statement, mgm says the ad is a smokescreen. as far as the allegation,mgm says the new jersey report was
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based on nothing more than rumor and innuendo. they implied that she would be unsuitable because of the alleged activities of her father. on wednesday, the governor told the baltimore city legislation that he hoped to have it ready today, but the governor's proposal is intended to ease concerns. wbal-tv 11 news. >> alright. interesting report. thank you. >> up next, the country's largest free arts festival. >> tiger woods makes the charge for the open championship. >> and we will
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>> artscape is the largest free art festival and america and the 31st edition kicked off. >> art for every taste. artscape, or the unusual is usual. here is something you do not see every day. >> a 12-foot tall animatronics radio-controlled based.
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most of the facial expressions or movements are mechanical. bair controlled by the people standing here. >> on charles street, they were decorating porta-potty is with yarn. >> it is something people do not pay attention to. is called yarn bombing. we have done it for years. so, we are just yarn bombing the porta-potty. >> there is all kinds of food. but it is the art they come to see and by. and always, there is hard for every taste. >> monsters, imaginary friends. there we have aardvarks' and been winds. -- penguins. >> this is a renaissance fleet. i have made these for about 40 years.
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is made of bamboo. >> this is my our work. it is all sculptures made out of forks. the title is "woman laying." it consists of 175 to 200 forks. >> i love it. everyone has expression and they like to show it. >> it is an opportunity for every one of all ages to explore. there's something for everybody here. music for the kids. theater. there's even cold beer. >> wbal-tv 11 news. >> now your 11 insta-weather plus forecast. >> yesterday, obviously we're talking but the big thunderstorms. is quite right now. thunderstorm showing up on the radar around baltimore. there are some more showers coming out of the mountains west
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of hagerstown it is altogether, we will pick up anywhere from 1/4 to 1/2 inch of rain. there could be a flooding problem. let's take a look at the rainfall amounts from yesterday's. just over 3 inches downtown. again, the ground is saturated. if we get a little bit of rain, there could be mining -- minor flooding problems. even though there -- it is not raining right now. >> if it holds together, there could be minor problems. >> temperatures -- with the cloud cover around, it is a rare day in july. we managed to sneak into the upper 70's. we're in the low 70's now.
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only 68 in jarrett told. maybe we have a thunderstorm. 60's, low 70's. during the day tomorrow, a mixture of clubs and a little bit of sunshine. there's a chance for a rain shower. the best chance in the morning to mar. i would not cancel anything. if you could take the boat out tomorrow, with tight is around 1 foot. -- wave height is around 1 foot. if you're headed for the ocean, and there is a chance for rain on saturday. scattered thunderstorms again tomorrow. with the winds coming out of the north, temperatures will stay in the upper 70's and sunday looks like a good day. 86 for a high temperature.
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comfortable humidity. gets a little warm again monday and tuesday. another front is going to come through at dawn monday and tuesday. not too bad. >> this is 11 sports. >> 3 runs for the last 10. 4 against cleveland. 7 games, batting first. batting with a base percentage base41%. third start as an oriole tonight. defense, bad, bad defense.
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the orioles' lead the majors with 41 errors. add one more, lose another. the 26-year-old was on his way to repeal of the year in 2009, but a serious of misfortunes to build his chances. he signed with the diamondbacks. the surprise of the tourney so far. 36 holes, the lowest total in u.s. championship history. the first 18. the ruler of the day -- who else? tiger woods. look at the reaction.
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one shot heading into the wekeend. woods also contended at the u.s. open, but fell apart over the weekend. will be very interesting. >> it's amazing out people still love tiger woods. >> they do. >> coming up, it is the seven- day forecast.
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>> here's a look at what we are working on for a 11 news tonight. we will have the latest on the colorado and movie theater showed -- shooting. plus, a lab technician for johns hopkins is charged with creating a hepatitis c outbreak.
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>> we got so much rain -- we have enough now. >> still a chance for some rain tonight. tomorrow, we're going to drop the down to 30%. don't cancel anything. probably just a couple of raindrops'. i temperatures near 104, 105. >> we were in the 70's today. >> it was lovely.
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>> thank you for joining us. nbc nightly news is next. nbc nightly news is next.
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